Not to be completely unfair, but if you had to pick the best kisser, which one?  Oh boy, that’s a tough one because with one co-star I was a kid, then the others I was a young woman. I would have to say… and it’s kinda weird because we are still great friends and I love his wife too… 

…Zack Morris! (cackling) (Gosh I love playing this game, I’m not even using real names anymore. I’m channeling my teens! From her raucous giggles, perhaps Tiffani is enjoying this game too).  No, Jason Priestly and he was probably the guy I did the least on-screen kisses with. Talk about pretty boys.

He was prettier then some girls I knew.  And he has an absolutely gorgeous wife, who is also a very talented make up artist. She does my make up quite often. We all actually get together for dinners, maybe that’s why he popped in my head, or did this just get weird (laughing).

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